1st US Ducati TT symposium 2009 (USA)

Louis Saif:
"Saturday, April 11th 2009, was the date of our get together. We probably hat a total of 50 people, mainly because it was not advertised. It was really just a Spring get together that ended up having a nice selection of TT's."

Marcos Lara:
On a rainy spring day in 2009 Ducati collectors and enthusiasts gathered at Lou Saif's to display and honor some of Ducat's greatest racing motorcycles of all time, the Ducati TT1 and TT2 of the 1980's. Of the bikes pictured here, 4 are original TT's, including a genuine factory racer and several NCR specials. The rest of the group are hand built using period correct frames, engines and components in the style of the period, which are nearly impossible to find at this point..."

The organizer:
Louis Saif from Queens, New York,
in the USA

Photos from Marcos Lara (with copyright!) , Ralph Stechow and Louis Saif,
visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/vrooom/3438726729/.

Altogether 12 TTs. Louis, the smilling organizer on the second photo.

The 1st TT1 is of course Ralph Stechow's bike which you also can find here, a real Ducati production 750  TT1 from 1984.

The 2nd bike is also a true NCR bike, it is the actual TT1 in Mick Walkers "Ducati Racers". The 1st and 2nd bike have the 'quick change' rear wheel. Louis Saif is the owner of this bike that allowed him to win the Ducati "Superbike Concorso", organized from Ducati USA. Other photos are here.

Louis Saif it also the owner of the 3rd bike that has a very interesting and well documented history. It was the 1985 Milan show bike. Louis is in the process of cleaning it up, it was raced for many years, but only had 2 owners.

The 4th bike is also Ralph Stechow's. It is a Harris TT raced by Kurt Liebman. More photos here.


The 5th bike is a Harris rising rate rear suspension kit bike with street license. Pretty rare in the USA. Mike Weber is the owner and he is going to do a full rebuild and make it right.


The 6th machine is also a Harris cantilever owned by Bill Swenson. It has won a regional championship and is an active vintage racer.

"The TT2 connection"

The 7th bike is owned by Christopher Godfrey of Massachusetts and is another kit bike built on a Verlicchi frame with the "hoop ed" style frame as opposed to the mitered tubing.

The 8th bike is a real Ducati production 600 TT2 from 1983, owned by Greg Rathe. Someone attempted to make it a street bike during it's life but luckily they did not succeed.

The 11th bike is a Maltry framed special owned by Gail McNeil and is vintage raced in anger.

The 9th bike is owned by Marty and Monk Yannerilla. Bought new in the 80's it was one of a limited number of TT's produced by Franco Romanelli. A very skilled engineer who is best known for his 6 valve Ducati heads. It has about 600 klm!


The 10th bike is also a Romanelli that is on the TT-Site as Dan Arnolds bike (here) that was bought through the TT-site Classifieds and sold to Mark Curtain.

"Ducati Art"

The 12th bike, and this makes an even dozen TT's, is the TT2 of Louis Saif. Made up of spares it has a DM frame that was raced by Jimmy Adamo and a rare 650 cc engine. She should be finished soon...

There have also been five Ducati 750 F1's, three single Duc's, one Bimota DB5, a Cagiva GP bike from 1984 that was raced by Jimmy Adamo, one EMC 250 cc Rotax tandem twin and a Boriele single. All around 24 nice machines.

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